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About 19th Mile

To accelerate your sales at the rate you’re targeting, you need much more than a sales CRM. You need a platform that gives you sales analytics to help you take data-driven decisions, manage targets and performance of your sales team and help onboard new hires at a much faster rate.

However, you have less time to spend on implementation, and several competing priorities to spend money on. So, a tool that can be heavy on performance, but light on implementation and cost can go a long way in taking your sales to the next level, fast.

The 19th Mile Startup Plan is for you. Your team can now use the fully loaded enterprise version of our sales acceleration platform at a price tailor made for early stage startups and with an extremely light implementation phase.

If you:

Are into B2B sales

  • Have 1 – 10 employees in the sales team
  • Have raised less than $1 Mn in funding
  • Are not a 19thMile customer yet

Then 19thMile For Startups is just right for you. Apply now.

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