Daily - APIs for video chat

Daily - APIs for video chat credits & startup program

$1000 in credits - add video conferencing to your app or site

About Daily - APIs for video chat

Daily provides everything you need to add WebRTC video chats to your site or app.

Use Daily Prebuilt to quickly add a polished interface with recording, HD screen sharing, and precall lobby - with just two lines of code. For a fully custom interface, use our lower-level APIs and client libraries.

$1,000 free credit and dedicated support to build video and grow your product.

Daily - APIs for video chat benefits

  • HIPAA, SOC-2 certified, enterprise-ready, with GDPR-compliant data

  • 1,000 person calls

  • RTMP output for livestreaming

  • Infrastructure custom-built for real-time calls, with < 200 ms or better latency. We’ve delivered an historic 99.99+ uptime.

Daily - APIs for video chat listing screenshots

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