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Introducing Writecream, your secret weapon for cold emails, SEO & marketing! Cold Emails? LinkedIn Sales? Backlinks? Blogs? Pocasts? Google Ads? Marketing Ideas? Angel Funding? We've got you covered! Writecream helps you automate your sales and marketing. Your prospect receives 100s of emails daily & their brains have adapted to ignore them. We've built Writecream to generate personalized, customized introductions that compel recipients to open, click, and respond.

We scan your prospect's website or LinkedIn profile, gather the most important details, and write the coolest cold emails for you. Want to write cold emails at scale? Import & export CSVs on the fly! Writecream can also generate blog posts from scratch (from ideation to the full article), human-sounding voice-overs for YouTube videos and podcasts, Facebook & Google ad copies, Landing Page Content, Product Descriptions, and even an investor email for angel funding!

There are 30+ tools to choose from for an effective cold outreach, SEO & marketing campaign! Sign up and get 20 credits for free to test-drive all of Writecream's features! These credits are sufficient to generate two blog articles of over 1,000 words each. All features are accessible under our free trial and you don't need a credit card to get started. Sign up right away and join over 8,000 users who are already using Writecream: https://app.writecream.com/register

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